Our Story



Nature has a soothing and peaceful atmosphere that helps to calm your body and your mind, making you feel fresh and revived. Bringing nature into your home adds a tranquil feeling to your home.
We – Natural Timber Stone furniture will accompany you and perform it with you
We’ve only begun to scratch the surface in finding potential uses for live edge wood. We try to keep it as much natural as possible.

Let’s fall in love with natural edge timber furniture

Live edge wood is so unique because it shows a cross section slice of a tree and gives clues about its time on earth.
We are now living in a high speed, high tech world. With huge furniture made of engineering timber, steel and glass, it can sometimes feel like we’ve completely rejected the natural world.
What could be more inspiring and uplifting than dining or meeting around a cross section of a tree?
A touch of live edge wood gives a natural atmosphere to a room while also providing a rustic, homely feel.

Our mission 

Natural Timber Stone can supply to you very unique, special and different home décor products.
We guarantee that you will not be able to find another product that looks identical to the one you purchase from us
All our products are made from natural materials and individually handcrafted by artisans and after a very-consuming grinding and polishing process, the raw wood pieces are turned into a piece of artwork infused with the skill and soul of artisans who create them.

Product character

Each product that we provide is a separate individual piece with its heart nurtured and formed by mother nature – which is then taken by artisans who add their soul to grind and polish it by hand to form a beautiful piece of functional artwork without losing any of the original natural qualities that nature provided.
Each unique artwork brings joy and happiness as well as an overwhelming sense of pride in its creation for artisans like us.
Our natural artworks always have a legal status, origin, identity and are named as a being
We are proud of being Melbourne’s largest natural edge timber supply. All our products are certified and high in quality.

Our products

Specialists in Solid Slab
Live edge Coffee Tables
Live edge Dinning Tables
Live edge Timber Boardroom Tables
Live edge Timber Restaurant Tables
Live edge Timber Benches
Live edge Timber kitchen bench tops
Live edge timber bench seats
Live edge Timber Desks
Live edge Timber Bar Tops
Custom cutting of timber to suit specific requirements
Commercial and Home Fit Outs
Dinning / restaurant/ coffee chairs
Stools / Bar stools
Price guarantee all prices beaten
Our products are affordable, sustainable furniture and proudly 100% one-piece timber.
We have made live edge timber furniture for customers throughout Victoria.
We can ship our timber products anywhere in Australia or Overseas.