(Updated: Jan 1st, 2022)


Natural Timber Stone provides 12-month warranty on all products

Natural Timber Stone guarantees to repair any product with a manufacturing defect within 12 months from the date of purchase. This is provided that the defect is not a result of normal wear and tear, or a natural characteristic of the material used.

The furniture must be cared for in accordance with the care instructions provided. The original purchase receipt must be retained in order to make a claim.

This warranty is in addition to the rights granted by relevant State and Federal Laws, and in particular the Trade Practices Act 1974 and corresponding State Fair Trading Legislation. Please ensure that you keep your receipt in order to validate your warranty.

Timber grain, scars and nail marks are not to be mistaken as defects. The timbers used are one piece timber so that any putty or epoxy resin used is necessary to the finish of the furniture.

In most cases it is used to fill holes of the slabs or to smooth over any natural imperfections in the slabs.

The nature, colour, grain structure, appearance, shape, edges and staining of the wood furniture requires an understanding that every wood slab is different due to the nature of the product.

We cannot guarantee to specify colour or grain on the natural hardwoods.
Not guaranteed are any defect caused by:
• Unreasonable wear and tear
• Defects resulting from the use of polishes or substances warned against in the care instructions.
• Defects resulting from furniture subjected to excessive changes in temperature or being exposed to direct sunlight.
• Movement in timber reacting to environmental conditions (as solid timber is a natural product, this guarantee does not cover minor movement of timber panels over time).


We accept the following methods of payment: Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Direct deposit or pay via phone
Goods will only be released once fully paid for before collection/ delivery
For orders that will be collected or delivered within 6 weeks, we require a minimum deposit is 30%
For orders that are holding up to 3 months, we require full payment


We are unable to store goods once they are ready for delivery. Except for pre-arrangement at point of sale.

We do not hold finished furniture for more than 6 months due to risk of damage and space constraints. If the purchaser requests that an order be held or delayed, this shall incur a weekly fee of 1% of the total value of the goods.
Goods must be paid in full within 3 months from the date of your purchase
All items remain at the property of Natural Timber Stone till payment has been received in full

Cancellation and return policy

Natural Timber Stone wants our customers to be completely satisfied with their purchase.
We recommend you inspect any goods that we deliver to you or that you collect from our store or warehouse, to ensure you are completely satisfied with the goods, including that the goods are of acceptable quality, and match the description, the product code we have provided to you.
We will not accept the return of the Goods delivered to you if the Goods delivered have been accepted by you or you wish to change your mind and cancel the Sales Order, unless we choose to do so in our sole discretion.
If we do accept a cancellation of your Sales Order, you agree to arrange a return of the Goods, at your cost and risk, to our nominated returns warehouse or store, as we nominate, and you agree to return the Goods in their original condition, accompanied by the original Sales Order docket receipt or another form of proof of purchase. You also agree that we are entitled to deduct from any refund of the Payment made by you, the cost of the original delivery and an amount that we reasonable believe reflects the loss to us in accepting the cancellation, including any storage costs and any mark down of the price of the Goods.
Please note that our products are unique, and we cannot have another one at the same so that NTS will not accept exchange or refund if customers hold the products for more than 3 weeks and then change of mind.
In case of change of mind after 1 week of purchase and you cannot choose any other product from our store at that time, we can then issue a store credit for the amount.
Note: We cannot issue cash refunds only store credit can be issued.



Customer can organise pick up or delivery themselves or the delivery team at NTS will have experienced delivery professionals that do more than deliver. They will unwrap, assemble and place your new furniture in the room and assist you in seeking its best position at a small fee.
• Delivery fee and installation:
We deliver our furniture wide using our own professional installation teams who will deliver and install your furniture, removing any packaging leaving you with a clean and ready to use environment. Delivery fees are based on the destination
• Delivery time:
Our sales staff will contact you prior to your delivery to check that you are available and confirm delivery addresses and contact details with you. Deliveries are made Monday to Friday on set delivery days exclusive to the area – typically between 10:30 am and 4 pm. Although we cannot allocate an exact delivery time slot, we can make a courtesy call to you prior to arrival (please request this option when you receive the delivery confirmation phone call)

Care instruction

To maximize the life and beauty, protection of the natural wood furniture, please follow these guidelines:
• Timber should not be placed on damp or wet surfaces or exposed to direct sunlight or extreme heat. Extremes in temperature due to heaters, fireplaces and air-conditioners will contribute to the decline in moisture content and can affect the life and look of your natural wood furniture causing it to split, move and warp.
• Avoid placing abrasive items directly on your furniture and always place a protective pad, placemat or coaster under hot dishes, teapots, saucepans etc. Our furniture surfaces have been treated with a heat resistant lacquer but will not tolerate excessive heat. The heat transfers through the lacquer and marks the timber itself as well as marking the lacquer.
• Spills should be wiped off immediately with a soft cloth. Our lacquer is water resistant, but not capable of dealing with excessive amounts. The liquid will eventually seep through the lacquer and cause swelling, blistering and ir-repairable damage to the timber if exposed to excessive amounts of water.
• Please avoid any contact between your natural wood furniture and acetone, methylated spirits, markers, glues or any cleaning products containing silicone.
• Avoid covering your furniture for prolonged periods of time. Moisture can collect under the covering and cause damage to your furniture.